Type of substitution

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This column in the substitution window indicates the type of substitution.


- B -


Break supervision: This is the substitution of a break supervision (see chapter Break supervision )


- C -


Cancellation: Lessons that are not substituted at all are cancelled. They are called cancellations


Contrary to absence: In this case a teacher is assigned a substitution as an exception even though he is marked absent.


- E -


Event: This is an event which was entered in the events window.


Exam: This is an exam.


- I -


In-lieu substitution: This type of substitution occurs when a teacher from a period that has become free is assigned a substitution.


- L -


Lesson changed : If an element of a scheduled lesson such as the subject is changed in the scheduling dialogue, this information will appear as changed lesson.


Lesson of the lesson pool: If a lesson is not be covered at the originally planned time but it is still to be taught later in the school year, it can be stored in the lesson pool. You can find detailed information on this in the chapter Lesson pool .


br> Lessons: Via 'Settings'VP_19_046you can define that regular lessons are also shown in the substitution list in this time range.


- P -


Part subst.: In a part substitution two or more teachers take one lesson (see also chapter Splitting substitutions ).


Personal studies: In some classes – especially higher ones – students work on their own when the teacher is not available. If a teacher is absent in such a class, automatic cancellation (according to the substitution time grid) is converted into a "+" substitution. (see chapter Personal studies )


- R -


Release: A release is a lesson where a teacher is made available (released) due to the absence of a class that he/she would normally have to teach.


Room repl..: Room substitution is when a lesson has to be moved from the originally scheduled room to another room.


- S -


Shifted: In this case, the shift of a lesson created a substitution.


Shifting: This entry indicates that a lesson was shifted from another period (see also columns 'Subst.from' and ' (Te.) to' in the substitution window).


Special duty: A special duty is an ad hoc lesson which can be entered either in the scheduling dialogue or in the 'special duties' window.


Spec. duty for lesson of LP:: Scheduling a lesson from the lesson pool results in a special duty from the lesson of the lesson pool. (see chapter Lesson pool )


Standby cancelled: Cancellation of standby lesson.


Substitution for standby: An unscheduled substitution for a standby period.


Substitution: This is a 'regular' substitution. A teacher who is not having a lesson in his/her timetable replaces an absent colleague.


Subst. w/o teacher: A "+" can be entered a substitute if you do not wish to enter a substitute teacher for an open substitution but do not wish to cancel the lesson, either. This substitution line is considered processed and displayed the description 'Subst. w/o teacher'.


Supervision: Supervision is where a teacher supervises a class (whose teacher is absent) in addition to teaching his/her own class.


Swap: A lesson can be swapped in the scheduling dialogue or in the timetable.


- T -


Teacher swap : A teacher swap occurs when a teacher is allocated in a period when he/she also has a lesson and this has to be taken by another teacher.




Note: Displaying substitution types

You can select the types of substitution to be displayed in general via the <Settings>VP_19_046>of the substitution window. For example, events can be shown in the substitution window for printing whereas they can be hidden in the substitution window for editing




Tip: Changing the name and colour of the substitution type

You can change the text used to describe the type of substitution yourself.

Let us assume that you wish to change the term "Personal studies" to "Study time" and display this green in the list of substitutions.

Under the menu item 'Modules | Cover scheduling | Settings' there is the tab 'Colours and Terminology', where you will find a column named 'Denomination' in addition to columns for colour definition.

Enter the desired term that you wish to use in place of the original name. The example shows that the term 'Personal studies' has been replaced by 'Study time'. This type of substitution is then assigned the colour green.