Substitution data output

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There are several ways to output current substitution data: printing substitution lists themselves or printing substitution data together with the timetable.


Teachers and students can get informed on daily changes at any time via WebUntis and Untis Mobile App for Android and iOS.


The substitution lists or data in timetable format can be printed on paper.


Monitor output via WebUntis or in HTML format - e.g. on a big monitor or screen in the entrance area of the school - saves paper, can be updated quickly and easily and is universally available (internet, intranet) at all times. These unbeatable advantages have led to a boom for this method over recent years.


Substitution data can also be sent by email or text message (SMS) (these methods require the "Info timetable" module). All these methods are described in detail in the following chapters.


Printing substitution lists


Printing daily timetables


HTML output