Automatic substitution

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Open substitutions can also be processed with automatic substitution. This enables you to assign suitable substitute teachers or rooms to all open substitutions with just a few mouse clicks.

1. Click on the <Automatic>button.

 2. Click on <Start substitute optimisation>. All open substitutions are processed one after the other and adequate substitutions are applied.


Done! All open substitutions have been scheduled.



Note: Break supervision substitutions:

Select the 'Break Supervision' method for scheduling break supervision substitions.





This leaves the question as to which substitutes were assigned according to what criteria. The first teacher in the substitution suggestion was always assigned. If you have adjusted the substitution suggestion according to your preferences (see chapter Sequence of the substitution suggestion ) then the teachers that you find most suitable will be ranked highest and will therefore be assigned.


In addition to the assignment of the most suitable substitute selected from the substitution suggestion, you have more possibilities to use automatic substitution via the selection "Select the desired method":


You can for instance assign standby teachers and then released teachers first. Or perhaps open substitutions should be covered wherever possible by shifts. Simply select the desired method and start automatic substitution.







Tip: Automatic substitution as "emergency planning“

Automatic substitution is good to have for use in emergency situations. If the substitution planner is temporarily not available, substitution planning can be performed by any user, even without any knowledge of Untis, quickly and efficiently with the assistance of automatic substitution. If you have adapted substitution suggestions to the needs of your school then a suitable substitute will be assigned for all substitutions.