Substitution import and terms

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At the beginning of the school year many schools provide a tentative timetable for about two weeks which is then replaced by the regular timetable. In the first two weeks the substitution planner and the timetable scheduler work simultaneously. After two weeks the new timetable and the substitutions of the first two weeks should be combined into one file.


We recommend the following procedure for the alignment of the two sets of data:


1.Creation of the new timetable (schoolyear.gpn). The cover planner starts his work with this file in the first few day of school.

2.The timetable scheduler takes this file and enters a new term (e.g. from 28 September). He then changes the timetable to the new term and saves the file under schoolyear_new.gpn.

3.On the first day of the new term the timetable scheduler hands over the file schoolyear_new.gpn to the cover planner, who imports the substitution data from the file schoolyear.gpn. From now on the cover planner works with the file schoolyear_new.gpn.



Note: Modules manual

You will find additional information on "Terms and cover scheduling" in the chapter of that name in the Modules manual.




Tip: Untis MultiUser

Untis MultiUser allows the timetable scheduler and the cover planner to work on the same set of data (in two different terms, of course) simultaneously. The prerequisite for this is that "Restrict cover planning to the current term" under "Settings | Miscellaneous | Multiple terms" is checked.