Assigning substitute teachers

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In order to assign a substitute teacher you could now look through teachers' timetables to find a teacher who has a free period and assign him/her by entering the short name or by selecting him/her using the pull down menu. However, you do not know whether the teacher knows the class, if he/she has the teaching qualification for the subject that has to be substituted and if he/she has had to cover many classes recently. All this and more information can be seen at a glance when you open the substitution suggestion



Example: Finding and assigning a suitable substitute teacher


Let's start with looking for a suitable substitute teacher for period 2. In our small demo file there are only three teachers available to cover the open substitution in the second period. Most probably you will be presented with a much longer list of teachers at your school; however, not all teachers are equally well suited to take this substitution.





In this example, teachers "Curie", "Gauss" and "Ander" could take this period. The more suitable a teacher is to substitute a lesson, the higher he/she will be ranked in the substitution suggestion window . You can adjust the priorities for choosing a substitute teacher, as they differ from school to school (see chapter Sequence of the substitution suggestion ).


The most suitable teacher is "Curie". She usually teaches in period one and three (you can see this in the timetable column. Furthermore, she knows the class (indicated by the icon in the column 'Class').


Double-click on the teacher name to assign 'Curie' to the substitution. The additional period is shown immediately in the teacher's timetable.





Teacher "Gauss" is less suitable to take the second period. A glance at the timetable column shows why: Gauss is holding his first lesson of the day in period 4 and he would have to come to school for the second period if he had to substitute, i.e. his next regular lesson would be two positions away from the substitution in the timetable (indicated by "2" in column "Period flag").



Note: Period flag

The period flag is an indicator representing how good the substitute matches the teacher's timetable. It defines the "distance" to the next "regular" teaching period. The lower the period flag, the more suitable the teacher is to take the substitution (from the timetable perspective.)


This leaves us with teacher "Ander" at the end of the list. "Ander" knows the class (student icon in the "Class" column), nevertheless he is the last one on the list. Again, suitability in the timetable is the decisive factor. The red number "9" (worst value in terms of suitability as substitute teacher) appears in the "Period flag" column because Ander has his day off on Monday. He should therefore not be assigned a substitution on this day.



Tip: Do not show teachers on their day off

It is also possible to adjust the substitution suggestion in such a way that a teacher is not shown in the list when he/she has a day off (see chapter Substitution suggestion settings ) .


Besides assigning a substitute teacher, you can also manage open substitutions with shifts (preponements) and supervisions.