Cover planning mode

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You can activate and deactivate the cover planning mode in Untis via the <Cover scheduling> button via the tabs 'Start' or 'Modules'.





When you activate the cover planning mode the program interface changes to green and the 'Cover planning' tab becomes visible.





In the cover planning mode you can change to another tab at all time, e.g. to the maste data or lesson window. There are specific windows provided for cover planning in addition to the windows that you already know from timetabling mode.


Cover planning behaves like a program within a program:


The screen settings in timetable mode and cover planning mode are different. When you exit cover planning mode, the original Untis window settings will be restored and vice versa.


There are different window groups available. The window group function is particularly useful in cover planning mode. We recommend that you create separate window groups for planning as well as printing substitutions.


Standard views may be different in timetable mode and in cover planning mode. Simple, space-saving timetables generally suffice in cover planning mode.


Cover planning mode has its own context menu. One right click allows you to navigate through the most important views of cover planning.

You can exit cover planning mode by clicking on the <Cover scheduling> button once again.