Cover planning with different time grids

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If certain school types, departments or specific classes in your school work with different time grids, cover scheduling will be affected, as well. The handling of scheduling covers has not changed much, as only teachers are suggested for substitutions and shifts who can be assigned without a conflict.



Note: Free periods of the day

You can define specific periods on specific days in the calendar as free periods. These periods always refer to the main time grid.


Absences are entered in the form HH:MM.


Break supervisions can be scheduled individually for each time grid. Break supervision substitutions are accordingly dealt with in the relevant time grid.






Note: Break supervisions and substitute teachers

Please note that with different time grids, certain teachers who do not teach in the period in question might not be available for substitutions as they have to supervise a break in another time grid.



Standbys can be scheduled in any time grid in a similar manner to break supervisions. This ensures that there are sufficient standbys at any time





The display of the substitutions shows the actual time of the substitutions as the number of the period could provide ambiguous information. For example, the second period could start either at 8:50 am or at 8:55 am depending on the time grid in which the period was scheduled. You can show the "Time" column in the substitutions window via <Grid adjustment>.







Warning: Scheduling dialogue cover planning

If you use several time grids, the substitution scheduling dialogue cannot be set on 'Teacher' any more, since the lesson is not clearly defined anymore for the teacher.