Shift substitutions

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As of Untis 2018 substitutions can also be shifted in the timetalbe. Drag the respective substitution to another position in the timetalbe. The following scenarios are possible:


Shift of a scheduled substitution

You have scheduled a substitution for an absent teacher. This substitution needs to take place at another point in time. Drag the respective period to the position you want to schedule it to – either in the class or in the teacher timetable. At the original position of the substitution list now shows a cancellation, the new position shows a shift.






Warning: Deleting an absence

If you delete the absence in this case, the shift of the period, however, remains.



Shift of an unscheduled substitution

You can shift an unscheduled substitution directly in the timetable, as well. If the absent teacher is available at this later time, he/she will automatically be set as substitution.




If you prolong the absence of the respective teacher post hoc since he/she is not available, an unscheduled substitu will be generated again at the position you have dropped the period before.


Shift of unscheduled room substitutions

Shifting unscheduled room substitutions is done the same way as shifting unscheduled teacher substitutions. By dragging the period to a position where the room is available it will automatically be entered into the unscheduled substitution. This way you can solve bottle necks very easily by shiftings in class or teacher timetables if a subject room is not available on short notice.