Substitution suggestion

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You can assign a substitute teacher to an unscheduled substitution by entering the teacher's short name or by selecting a teacher from the pull-down menu. As of Untis 2019, you see which teachers have their regular classes at the time of the respective substitution, if you have the respective setting (go to 'Cover scheduling| Miscellaneous'). However, this type of substitution arrangements do not give you any additional information.





The substitution suggestionVP_19_050provides you with information based on which you can select the best suitable substitute. If a specific teacher is qualified to replace a colleague may depend on different criteria.


Suitability according to the timetable

Didactic reasons

Substitution counter

Particular criteria




Tip: Show and hide columns

By clicking with your right mouse-button on the heading of a column you can show and hide columns in substitution suggestions.