Substitution time grid

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You can activate the substitution time grid in cover planning mode via "Settings | Time grid".


In the time grid you should first specify the period when substitutions are required. In some schools it is normal not to provide cover for the last period in the morning and the afternoon and to cancel the lesson instead.


Use the mouse to highlight those periods where substitutions should normally be scheduled and click on the <Substitutions> button.


In our example, substitutions take place from the first to the fourth period. Periods after the fifth period are automatically cancelled. If you still wish to plan a substitution e.g. in the sixth period, you can change the cancellation to a "normal" substitution by simply assigning a substitute teacher Similarly, you can cancel e.g. a first period although it is marked as "to be substituted" in the substitution time grid






Tip: Class time grid

Apart from this global substitution time grid, which is valid for the whole school, you can adjust the substitution time grid of classes individually. To do this open 'Classes | Master Data' and click on <Class time grid> button on the 'Substitutions' tab.