Substitution counter

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How often did a teacher substitute in the respective period or in the year? How many cancellations did he/she have? These and similar questions can be answered by the following fields:



The counter is a balance made of substitutions and cancellations, whereas you choose what the balance should contain via 'Settings'.





In general, the substitutions of the respective teacher are calculated against the cancellations (e.g. due to class absences). The reference period can be set individually (see chapter Substitution suggestion settings ). If the cancellations are outbalancing the substitutions, the counter is set to minus. The teacher has “substitution debts”, his/her counter is highlighted in green, i.e. he/she has priority regarding substitutions.


Substitutions and cancellations

Substitutions and cancellations which are the basis for counter calculations are shown in separate columns, i.e. you can consider these numbers separately when thinking about a substitution.


Yearly total

The yearly total column show a balance based on substitutions and cancellations over the entire school year. This gives you the opportunity to quickly get a good overview of the counters per months, week ('counter' column) or the entire year.


Paid substitutions (paid)

This column shows the number of paid substitutions in the respective time range (see chapter Substitution suggestion settings ).



This column shows the number of supervisions in the set time range (see chapter Supervisions).