LPLs from lessons

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You should proceed as follows if you wish to schedule lessons as special duties at a later point in time but which should be taken into account when lessons are being entered:


Example: LPLs from an unrestricted lesson

1.Define a lesson with 0 periods in the timetable mode (or give the lesson the flag '(i) Ignore').

2.Switch to substitution mode and open the lesson pool window and the lesson window.

3.You can now use drag and drop to create a LPL from the lesson window (column "Cl,Te.").


You can see that the LPLs were based on a lesson in column "Type".





Example: LPLs from a restricted lesson

You can also create LPLs from a lesson that is time-restricted.


1.Open file demo5.gpn and create a lesson with two periods in the timetable mode (e.g. SP-Summer-Play with teacher Callas and classes 1a and 1b)

2.The lesson is to take place every week in a double period in May. Restrict the lesson for a time range of 4 weeks.

3.Set the lesson to ignore. It is thus not available for scheduling, but it will be considered in value calculation.

4.Switch to substitution mode and open the lesson pool window and a lesson window (e.g. Lessons | Teacher). Drag the lesson into the lesson pool window.


The result is eight periods of LPLs resulting from the lesson with two periods per week restricted to four weeks.






Warning: Changing of lesson pool lesson

Neither the number of periods of LPL nor the number of periods of the lesson can be subsequently changed as this would lead to inconsistencies in value calculation.


The LPL can only take place during the time range of restriction. These periods are available next to the timetable only during the actual time range of a lesson.