Shifts ('preponements')

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Shift suggestions can be found in the lower section of the substitution suggestion window.


Example: Shifting lessons

Place the cursor on the open substitution in period 3.

The substitution suggestion shows possible substitute teachers for this period in the upper section and possible shifts in the lower section.





A click on this line visualises this shift in the timetable with red arrows. Now you can see at a single glance the changes in the timetables of the respective teacher(s) and the class.



Note: One-stage and two-stage shifts

The preponement suggestion can either be a one-stage shift or a two-stage shift.


In our example Untis suggests a two-stage shift. The teacher involved are Gauss and Callas. You can very easily check if the suggestion is correct by having a look in the timetables of the respective teachers and by double clicking on the preponement suggestion you assign the teacher of your choice.





After you have performed the shift, the "Type" column in the substitution window shows "From", indicating that this is not a regular substitution but a shift. Teachers and students can see from which position the period was shifted in the column "Shifted from". Any subsequent changes caused by this shift are immediately shown (e.g. cancellation of period 6 or the shift on Wednesday).