Shifts according to the time grid

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This (default) setting displays shifts only if they do not need to be substituted, i.e. the period to be shifted lies in a fringe period and may be cancelled according to thesubstitution time grid (Settings | Time grid). In our example this is period 7.






Warning: No shifts suggested

If you have marked every period as to be substituted in the substitution time grid then the shift suggestion with setting "Shifts according to the substitution time grid" will always remain empty..


The suggestions for shifts or preponements are displayed in the lower section of the 'Substitute suggestion' window. By clicking on one of the suggestions it will be visualised with a red arrow in the corresponding timetables. The suggestion is confirmed by double-clicking on it. There are one and two-stage preponements. Two-stage means that the period taken for the first preponement, causes an open substitution. For this unscheduled substitution another period is preponed.





The shift is shown as such in the substitute suggestion view.








Tip: Show only upcoming shifts

Checking option 'Show only upcoming shifts' means that only periods that are after the open substitution are offered as shifts. You can limit shift suggestions to 'Only upcoming lessons in the same week' in the settingsVP_19_058of the substitute suggestion.