Additional fields

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If the same texts are entered repeatedly they can be defined as a description (tab Data | Miscellaneous data | Descriptions) and selected here.


Substitution text

This is where you can enter a text regarding the substitution (see also chapter Substitution text ).



A check here shows you that this substitution line is a cancellation.


Additional supervisor

This column shows whether this line displays a supervision. It cannot be edited (see also chapter Supervisions ).



Substitution coupling

A number greate 0 in this column shows that this substitution line was coupled with another substitution line. For more information, see chapter Substitution coupling .


New substitution

The 'New' flag is always activated for a substitution when the substitution was created or modified during the current session. A session in this context starts when you open your Untis data file. The remains set until you close the file (or exit Untis).


In order to print only newly created substitutions, select the option 'New substitutions only' in the page layoutVP_19_043in print selection.


Room booking from WebUntis

If this field is checked then this shows that this is a room booking imported from WebUntis.


Locked (X)

The <Fix> buttonVP_19_044in the toolbar allows substitutions that have already been edited to be locked and thus are protected from further change.


Reason for absence

If reasons of absence are entered, they will be displayed here (see also chapter Abs. reason ).


Do not print (N)

If you do not wish to print specific substitution lines, you can select them here.



This is where you can enter any text regarding the substitution.



If a substitute teacher cannot know anything about a substitution because he/she is not at school from the time the substitution is created until the time he/she has to take the substitution (according to the timetable) this box is checked. The substitute must be informed separately.



If a substitution counts positively or a release counts negatively, it will be displayed here (see chapter Substitution counter )..



This column creates an empty field in the printout which can be used by the substitute teacher to confirm notification of upcoming substitutions.



In some schools the substitution counter is not calculated according to the number of substitutions and cancellations, but according to the value units defined in the lessons. The value of every substitution case is shown here and can be edited here.


Student group

For interaction with WebUntis it needs to be defined which student takes part in a lesson, which is done via the student group. The name of the student group is imported from the coupling line of the lesson. If the composition of students in the case of a substitution is different than from the regular lesson, you can change this here.







The respective department will be shown which belongs to a substitution line.



If you use Untis MultiUser, this column shows which user edited this substitution line last.




Tip: Automatic adjustment of column width

You can adjust the width of the columns automatically by moving the mouse cursor over the heading of the substitution window or absence window and click on the right mouse-button



You can choose from several alternatives to adjust the width of the column:


Adjust column width: only the column that you have clicked on is adjusted to the optimal width regarding the heading.

Adjust all columns: all columns are adjusted to the optimum width.

Adjust all columns to their content: the columns are adjusted to the optimum width regarding the content (e.g. in the case of period not to the heading "Period" but to the names of the periods 1, 2, 3,...).


Alternatively, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts::


<Ctrl> + E: adjust all columns to the optimum width

<Ctrl> + F: adjust all columns to their content

Display of clashes


If a clash occurs for a teacher or a room due to later changes of the timetable or due to simultaneous working on the substitution plan in MultiUser, the respective field in Untis is highlighted in yellow and framed in red. The substitution number is written in red letters.