Automatic assignment

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After you have defined your priorities you can start the assignment by clicking on 'Assign automatically'.


Then you will see the outcome. A simple example:





Orange symbolises either that appointments could not be scheduled or that rules were violated, e.g. between two appointments needs to be a free time block.



As administrator you now have the possibility to choose:





'Re-assign' : after you confirmed, the assignment process will start again


'Download details' : download pdf report with details on the assignment


'Show appointments' : show pdf report with all appointments per teacher and/or show appointment matrix per user (= central editing of appointments).


'Publish appointments' : Choose this button in order to publish the appointments also for teachers and students/parents. Before you publish the appointments you can define the following as administrator:




Manual rework allows the students and/or parents to adjust the appointments which were automatically assigned by optimisation.

If manual rework is not allowed, however, the parent-teacher day administration still can adjust any appointments via the central appointment editing tool.



Note: Final date for manual rework

Choose the final date of the manual rework not too short before the parent-teacher day, because you perhaps want to have the appointments confirmed a couple of hours before the parent-teacher day starts. Additionally you perhaps want to print the appointment lists and want to attach them to the respective doors.