Automatic optimisation

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In the parent-teacher day module of WebUntis 2018 there is a new workflow, which gives you the possibility of an automatized optimisation of your appointments in addition to the already known manual workflow.


A parent-teacher day can be very complex , e.g. some teachers send out a lot of invitations for appointments and it can happen that not all parents who were invited can register for an appointment. It would be good if those parents who received an invitation get an appointment before all other parents are allowed to book.

Automatised optimisation, i.e. automatised assignment of appointments solves such problems and assigns appointments based on different criteria. Obligatory appointments, for instance, are assigned first, then appointments of 'overbooked' teachers, etc.


Working with the optimisation workflow will be described in more detail in the following.



Note: Detailed instructions

Please note that this version brochure does not give any details regarding the optimisation algorithm. For more detailed instructions regarding the parent-teacher day please go to our website: finden.