File storage

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In WebUntis Drive you have access to your file storage by clicking the button on the top right, next to 'My messages':





When clicking on this button you will get this window:





Above you see an example of two folders and files in the format txt or pdf. You are flexible here: You can either create new folders (e.g. for the entire lessons) or add any file you want.



Up-loading of files


The easiest method to upload files is drag and drop them. Choose your file from one of your folders on your computer and drag it to your WebUntis Drive. By dropping it you save it there.




An alternative to drag and drop is clicking on this buttonWU18_038on the top right and then in the bottom area. A window will open where you can chose the file you want to upload.



Creating a new folder


In WebUntis Drive you have a button for creating a new folder at the top right:






Additional actions per file/folder


The following actions can be carried out per file or folder:





select: selection of the respective file (multiple selections possible) in order to carry out other actions such as delete or move.

save: saving or downloading of the file on your computer

open: for opening or reading of the respective file

move to: for moving a file to another Drive folder

rename: for renaming the file

details: name of the file, size, file type, date of upload, status, folder name

delete: for deleting the file from WebUntis Drive

share: you can share your file with other persons. When you click on ‘share’ for a certain file, a window opens which allows you to generate a public link:





After you generated a public link you can send it to other persons in order to share it with them.

In order to prohibit further access to the file you certainly can deactivate or delete the public link.



Additional notes


The green line symbolises the used storage space. In this example, 4.9 MB of available 15 MB are already used:




At the top you have several filters for WebUntis Drive: