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The following setting options were added in WebUntis 2018 for the dynamic substitution monitor: go to <Administration> | <Monitor view> | <Substitutions>:



'Show cancellations' : Substitution monitors, which show e.g. in the faculty room all substitutions grouped according to teachers, it perhaps is not necessary to show any cancellations, since the respective persons know about the cancellation anyway.

In such a case the option 'Show cancellations' can be deactivated.






'Show events' : With this option you deactivate the display of events on the substitution monitor.






'Show the colours of the substitution types' : Adjust the display of substitutions (cancellations, substitutions, exams, re-locations, room substitutions, etc.) on the monitor to your own colours which you set under <Administration> | <Settings for the layout> | <Colours>.






'Merge free periods' : This option merges several free periods in order to prevent the display of every single period. Example scenario: all lessons are cancelled due to the grading conference. This cancellation, which will not be covered, can be merged as one single line.






Entering 'No lessons' in Untis via<Cover scheduling> | <Calendar>:





In all versions prior to WebUntis 2018, in this case every lesson was shown as 'No lesson':






Now they are merged:






'Do not show this type of activity' : This option gives you the possibility to control the display of activities depending on its type.