New fileds for teacher administration

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As of WebUnits 2018, additional useful options are now provided under <Administration> | <Parent-teacher days> | <Appointments>.





Show additional persons


If other persons than teachers, e.g. school physician or director, shall be displayed, you now can create them and let them be shown for registration purposes of the parent-teacher day. Go to <Master data> | <Teachers>.

In the image above the 'Director' and the 'School physician were created for registration.



Show teachers


In some cases teachers need to be deactivated for the parent-teacher day registration without creating an absence. As of WebUntis 2018, you now just tick or untick the checkbox of the column 'Show teachers'. In the image above, e.g. 'Test teacher' is deactivated.





The 'Unmet requirements' report is new and lists those students who have not yet booked any appointments with the inviting teacher.