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As of WebUntis 2019 we provide you with a playground which gives you the opportunity to test the different functions of the program as well as your school specific settings without changing any real data of your school. By the click of a button you create a temporary copy of your current WebUntis instance or of a backup in which you can change your settings and your existing data in order to test them in any possible way you want. Additionally you have the possibility to provide certain members of your team who do not have any or only little experience with WebUntis with the opportunity to practice on the program. The newly introduced Playground is especially useful for administration, organisation or teachers.

Go to <Administration> | <Playground>.



Click on 'Create playground' you are directed to the following dialogue box:



Here you can chose if you want to use your current data or rather an existing backup as a playground. Please note that Untis GmbH saves a backup of your WebUntis instance every night. This latest backup will then be provided as your real-time copy for your playground.

In the example below a playground is created:



Open playground: By clicking this button your playground will be opened. When you click on the link you copy the URL address and can forward it to your teachers or students (if you have activated this option).

Delete playground: Deletes the entire playground

In the section at the bottom you can additionally define if teacher or students should have access to the playground.


Note: URL address and school name of playground

Please note that you playground has a different (temporary) URL address and a different (temporary) school name.


You can get back to this view at any time in order to change these settings or to delete the playground. Via the global button ‘Playground’ you will also be directed to opening the playground. This button is visible for all persons you have activated the playground for.



You can do any changes you like in this playground – your productive data will not be manipulated.


Note: Exporting into playground

You can export any data directly into your playground in order to be able to test them in Untis in advance.


Note: Re-integration of the playground into the productive system

Re-integrating the data you changed in the playground into the productive system is not possible.


Procedure in Untis

The playground can certainly be used in connection with Untis, but you have to create a playground in Untis, as well. The following steps will show you how you can do this.


Open your gpn file Untis or log into your Multiuser database.


You need to create a playground with your existing Untis data set in order to be able to export data from Untis to WebUntis and vice versa.


Open the dialogue for migrating data in Untis which you usually use for ex/importing data from/to WebUntis. If you already have a WebUntis playground, the dialogue will look like this:





Untis automatically checks if the WebUntis school defined in the 'Settings' has a playground. Then the lower section of the view shows the playground which you can activate now.


A click on the button: 'Activate playground' opens the following query:





If you confirm with 'yes', Untis wants to know in which file you want to save a copy or the playground rather in your actual GPN file:



In the Multiuser database a 'new' school is created.

Then the background colour significantly changes (pink) in Untis making you instantly aware of the fact that you are now working in Untis playground.

The playground in WebUntis and Untis now provides you with a tool which gives you the possibility to try changes beforehand, but also to train your team.