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As of WebUntis 2019 you have a new menu item called 'Privacy' under <Administration>.


Privacy policy





You can upload the privacy policy of your school when you click on this button. After having completed the upload your privacy policy is shown on the official WebUntis start screen in the footer.





When you click on 'Privacy policy' it opens in your internet browser.



Processing of privacy agreement





Here you can download a data processing agreement between your education institute and your commissioned data processor.Download the respective document, sign it and upload it for your commissioned data processor.



Data excerpt





If somebody from administration at your school asks you for all personal data saved in WebUntis, you can download here the respective excerpt. Here you can choose between user’s data and student’ or teacher’s master data. If you need school year-related data, go to WebUntis’ main calendar and select on the top right the respective date of the school year you need. Start downloading the excerpt.