Importing bookings

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You can transfer booking information back to Untis in order to inform the substitution scheduler of changed room allocation.

Launch Untis and call the function ' File | Import/Export | Untis | WebUntis ' and open the interface dialogue window for WebUntis Agenda.


Click on the <Bookings> button in the input block <Transfer from Untis> in order to transfer the booking data from WebUntis Agenda to the Untis cover planning module. Bookings are imported into Untis as special duties and room changes as room substitutions.





You can now decide whether bookings and room substitutions should be imported into Untis as special duties or not.


Note: Import or ignore bookings

You should always import or ignore bookings in order to avoid future errors.


Importing bookings more than once

Each booking is imported into Untis only once. Should it prove necessary for some reason to import bookings again you must uncheck the option <exported> for the bookings concerned in WebUntis under <Book> | <Bookings> and then click on the <Save> button. Now the respective bookings can be sent once again to Untis.