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The 'General' section contains settings relating to the handling of the class register such as the definition of the time range allowed for input or texts for written excuses.





Absence check

If this option is activated, periods in which student absences were not checked will be listed under open periods. If an absence is entered, the check performed will be entered for the period. If there are no student absences to enter, the <Absences checked> button below the student list in the class register can be used to confirm that absences have been checked.


Absences/Class register entries may only be deleted within [hours]

This option allows deletion to take place only in a certain time range. The administrator can, of course, delete absences and class register entries at a later point in time. The max. permissible entry here is 999.


Open periods

Select the time range for open periods as well as whether a missing absence check and/or missing teaching content should be displayed.


Missed lesson / missed days

This is where you can specify from which point an absence is to be counted as a missed lesson or missed day.


Default reason of absence

You can select default reasons of absence for various scenarios from the reasons of absence you defined. These are then entered automatically but can be changed.


Text for excuses

These two text block allow individualisation of excuses (see example). They will subsequently be shown at all letters of excuses.