User groups

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The following user groups are created when WebUntis is installed:


admin        user group for system administrators, all rights for setting up and administering the system technically.

untis        user group for users transferring data from Untis

user        standard user group (for teachers).


Creating user groups


In order to create new user groups, open<Administration> | <User groups> and click on the <New> button.





You can set the following attributes:


Default user group

This user group will be used when a new user is created. For this reason only one user group may be the default user group.


Max. number of open bookings (only with WebUntis Agenda)

You can use this field to control the maximum number of open bookings for each member in a user group. If, for example, only 5 open bookings are allowed, a 6th booking will only be possible after the earliest booking has expired.


Bookings possible until [days in advance] (only with WebUntis Agenda)

You can use this field to prevent users from making bookings on any date they like. An entry of 30, for example, only allows bookings in the next 30 days (from the current date).


Timetable until – time restrictions on the view

There are three different options to restrict the timetable views for this user group for the future as well as the past.





Session timeout [min]

The session timeout is the time after which inactive users will be automatically logged out of the system. While the timeout set in the general settings applies to all users, you can define different timeouts here for different groups of users.

The maximum time that can be set is one hour.



There are two options here, as well. The teacher supervising the exam or the exam room may be changed by the user.


Allow the specification of teachers in the WebService query

Deaktivieren Sie diese Option, ist es zum Beispiel möglich in der Smartphone-Applikation die Lehrer-Namen zu verbergen.



You can assign Individual users with the assign functionin the lower section of the page. Additionally you can assign different types of activities to user groups.