Creating users

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Every user needs a personal user access. Rights for individual users are derived from their rights as users belonging to a user group.



Note: Teachers ‏ – master data – users

Teacher master data are imported from Untis and are those data elements of the timetable which are used for working with. A user is a real person who works in WebUntis. If you wish to allow teachers to work with WebUntis, each teacher in the master data must be assigned a user . The situation is the same for students.


Most users must also be assigned a role. The roles 'teacher', 'student', 'class' and 'unknown' are currently available. The teacher role specifies e.g. which teacher the user corresponds to. Rights are then derived from this role. A user assigned the role of teacher has for example more rights for 'his/her' lessons than for the lessons of another teacher.


Users can be created in the navigation menu under <Administration> | <Users>. Enter at least a user name and user group for each new user.





(Incidentally, user attributes can also be imported from a CSV file (under <Administration> | <Users> | <User administration>)). However, before doint this the users per se must already exist.)





The reports under <Administration> | <Users> | <User administration> ae also available as Excel tables.



History of changes


The history of changes is now accessible via the respective button under users and user groups.