Structure of the manual

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This manual comprises several sections, with individual sections intended for the different users working with WebUntis (teachers, head office, headmaster, etc. ...)


WebUntis Info

The first section deals with all the points included in the WebUntis Info module such as user profile, timetable display and the messaging system including SMS (text message) function.



This section deals with all functions for teachers such as lessons and the creation of student groups. A large chapter is dedicated to each of the modules, Class Register and Agenda .


Class teacher / Form teacher

This is where those functions are described that a class teacher performs in addition to those of a teacher.


Headmaster / School secretary

Separate chapters are also dedicated to the user groups headmaster and school secretary .



In addition to the aforementioned sections, this chapter describes all the functions that are relevant for the WebUntis administrator . If you are starting to set up WebUntis, you will find an outline for this with the most important points in chapter First steps .


Untis users

In order to ensure that you can work efficiently and easily with WebUntis it is necessary to import data cleanly from Untis. This is why we have dedicated an entire chapter to Untis users (Scheduling and cover planning).



Studentscan log in to WebUntis with corresponding rights, too. The final section provides information on functions for students.