Class services

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As form teacher you can enter the class services for your class. Class services include, for example,class representative and deputy class representative as well as class prefect.



Note: Class services

It is up to the class register administrator to determine which class services can be assigned at your school.


Menu item <Class register> | <Class services> provides an overview of all class services defined for the classes for which you are class teacher.



You can assigne students to class service by ticking the checkbox next to their name in the respective week. You can also select lines (students) or columns (weeks) and activate or delete all checks of these columns by ticking the functionsWU16_024.


Alternatively you can also click the button <Automatic student allocation>.





Just enter the number of students needed every week for class service and the duration of the class service. It is important that entries which have been done manually are not deleted but taken into account during the automatic allocation. Students can also be exempted from class service.