User attributes

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The following attributes can be set for a user:





User name

The name used when logging in to WebUntis.


External user name

The field 'External user name' is exclusively used in connection with third systems (e.g. with Single Sign On via SAML) and is usually not needed.


Person role





The user can be assigned to a teacher, a student or to an entire class. If you choose this option, additional fields will be displayed allowing selection.

If none of these options applies (head office, headmaster), select unknown.


Person roll class

Some schools (of higher education and universities of applied sciences) do not set up an individual WebUntis user access for every student. In this case it is possible to set up one user for the entire class with the person roll class, in order to enable the students to access their timetable (via Untis Mobile).



Here you can modify the password when the user, e.g. has forgotten it.


User group

The user group must always be defined. It is used to assign user rights .



The user can also be assigned to a department.


User account activated/locked

The user account will only be locked by the system if a user makes too many invalid login attempts. Here you can unlock the account.

You can, however, also activate/deactivate the account at any time.


Max. number of open bookings / Open bookings

These fields are only activated for the Agenda module. Here you can define the maximum number of open bookings for a user. A booking is considered 'open' if it lies in the future. If the user has reached the maximum number of bookings, a new booking can only be made when an existing booking expires (or when a booking is cancelled).


An entry here overrides the value entered for a user group, which is displayed in a greyed out field to the right of the entry field. In addition, the user's current number of open bookings is displayed in the 'open bookings' field.



The language used for the display of WebUntis after the user logs in.

The user can change the language under < Profile >.


E-mail address

E-mail messages are sent to this e-mail address. You can enter several e-mail addresses in the e-mail field separated by a comma (a maximum total of 255 characters). Messages will be sent to all these addresses.