Booking restrictions

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The <Administration> | <Booking restrictions> function allows you to restrict bookings as you think fit.





Booking only according to time grid allowed

Bookings can only be made in accordance with the time grid when this option is activated.


Booking allowed...

This is where you define the hours of the day and the days of the week when bookings may be made as well as a fixed date by which bookings must be performed.


Permitted booking time period

Maximum number of days starting with the current day during which bookings can be made.Here you can optionally exempt days without school from the calculation of the valid time range.


Confirmation only within [1-365] days before booking

This field specifies the number of days before the booked date a confirmed booking can be made. If you enter e.g. 10 here and a user wishes to reserve a room on 20 May, the reservation may only be confirmed as a definite booking from 10 May onwards.


Booking status is 'confirmed' by default

If a user is entitled to make bookings and reservations, this setting determines whether the option 'Confirm booking immediately' in the 'Booking' window will be checked or not by default.


Default for the duration of appointments

This is where you can set the default length of an appointment. You can change the length of an appointment when you create it.