Basic settings

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Basic settings are made in the navigation menu under <Administration> | <Settings>. As a matter of principle, these basic settings apply to all users, but they can be adapted to match the special requirements of a group or user with in the user group (e.g. session timeout) or in the user profile (e.g. language).





In the following several settings are explained:


Session Timeout

The session timeout is the time after which inactive users will be automatically logged out of the system. The maximum time that can be set is one hour.


Display names

You can choose the name for teachers, students and subjects which should be displayed in the reports, list and timetables.


Messagesof the day

There are several settings for the messages of the day such as publication as RSS feed or the designation as public message that come from Untis. Additionally you can specify if messages of the day originating in Untis should be displayed on the substitution monitor or not.


e-mail address administrator

The 'e-mail address administrator' field is where you enter the e-mail address that WebUntis will use as the sender's address.


e-mail address timetabler

In the field 'e-mail address timetabler' you enter the e-mail address of the person to be notified if an error occurs while transferring the data from Untis.

Data transfer from Untis to WebUntis runs in part asynchronously, which is why the mail function is important to ensure that you are notified of any import error messages.


Mail server

You must enter the IP address or hostname of your SMTP mail server here – with authentication details where necessary – if you wish to send e-mail notifications when bookings are made and in order to integrate e-mail addresses with the internal messaging system.


If you do not enter anything then a Gruber&Petters mailserver will be used.


SMS (text message)

When sending a text message you can choose which group of persons should receive the message, when there are students amongst them. In vocational schools, for instance, the group may include the instructors in the companies they are working in, with minor students it may include the parents.


Under <Administration> | <Settings> you can pre-select default settings:



Upload image

Use this function to integrate your school logo into WebUntis. It will then always be displayed in the top left section of the screen after logging into Untis.



Note: Clear browser cache

Images are probably cached in your local browser. This could by the reason why your new image may not be displayed immediately when you upload it. For this reason, clear your browser's cache explicitly after an upload in order to see the current image.