iCal is a standard used to exchange calendar information. WebUntis supports this standard by allowing every teacher and every student to activate his/her own private iCal link that can then be integrated with his/her own personal calendar application.


To this end, the iCal link must be activated in the teacher's/students' <Profile> using the <Publish the calendar> button under <Data access>.






Once the <Publish the calendar> button is activated, the iCal button will be displayed that you can then use to access the URL of your private calendar. You can subscribe to the timetable by adding this link to your calendar application (Outlook, Google Calendar etc.).


The advantage of this method, subscription as opposed to import, is that the calendar does not need to be re-imported after every timetable modification. The calendar is always up-to-date.



Note: Only for teachers and students

The calendar application is only possible with the teacher and student user roles, since only they have a timetable stored in WebUntis. A timetable cannot be subscribed to for users such as an administrator or school secretary. This is why the <Publish the calendar> does not appear in their user profiles.




Warning: Subscriptions for students

Using this function for students, which has to be explicitly ordered, increases server traffic considerably. For this reason we reserve the right to increase hosting charges. Please contact your Untis partner: http://www.grupet.at/en/kontakt/partner/europa.php .