ICS calendar

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As an alternative to a dynamic subscription you can choose to export timetable data statically in ICS (iCal) calendar format.


You have two basic options for this:


1.From the timetable perspective of the teacher. In this case, calendar entries are exported for a week.





2.via <Lessons> | <My Lessons>, by calling up reports.

This view allows you to set the time range to be used for exporting the calendar entries.





Some calendar applications allow data to be imported into a separate calendar. This is the recommended approach since you will not have any synchronisation problems if you import modified timetable data a second time.




Warning: Static import

Timetable changes that appear in WebUntis after the calendar import will not automatically be communicated to the user. You must use the calendar subscription method via the user profile if you wish to have data synchronised automatically.