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Importing students is simple, convenient and straightforward. Student data must exist in a text file or CSV file with individual data fields being separated by one of the usual separators (e.g. comma, semicolon or TAB)






Warning: Test import

If you are performing a student import for the first time, import only a small number of students initially (where possible with a special character in some of the names). These can then be easily deleted again if necessary. Take an import file with only a few rows.


Select the import function from the <Master data> | <Students> page.





Data source

Enter the file as data source that contains the student data.


Character set

The default is the Central European ISO-8859-1 character set. If your data exist, for example, in the Unicode utf-8 format you must change the character set accordingly in order to make a correct import of student master data possible.


Begin date

If class allocation data are also being imported with the students, they will apply from the date entered here. The default date is the beginning of the school year.


Now click on <Import> to create an import profile as described in the following chapters.