Creating courses

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In contrast to course templates, courses are restricted to a school year since students select actual courses and are therefore assigned to the selected courses.


You will find a list of all course offered under <Courses> | <Courses>. Click on <New> in order to create a course.





A mask is then displayed in which you can change all the attributes that were defined in the course template and add additional information.






You can specify whether you work with terms under <Master data> | <School year>.





Standby registration possible

This option allows students to enter their names in a standby registration list (waiting list) if the course has already reached its maximum number of participants.

If a student registered on the course withdraws, the name at the top of the standby list will be automatically registered instead.


Class level

You can use the class level to restrict which students may register for a course.


Create the coming school year in Untis and transfer the students into the next class level. Then export the master date to WebUntis. The correct class level will now be entered for all students.



Warning: Entering class level in Untis

Please note that for this purpose the class level must be entered in Untis under 'Master data | Classes'.



Content etc.

The entries for content, assessment, learning aims, comments and costs can be viewed by students when registering.



You can specify the time and date for the planned course if you already know it. It will then be displayed as information during registration.


When you click on <Save> you will create an actual course for specific school year.