Editing courses

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If you wish to edit a course, click on the <Edit> button thecourse list. You can now change or supplement all the fields that were available when you created the course. In addition to these fields you will also find the <participants> button.







You will see a list of participants together with their status (registered, standby, ...). This option allows you to change the list of participants.


The course lists also show which priority the students have given to the courses they selected.




This can be used as a criterion for overbooked courses regarding acceptance of pre-registered students.


Change status

The upper selection box acts as a filter while you can use the lower box to change the status of students.


Change course

You can reassign students to a different course if a course has to be cancelled.


Register students

You can assign students to the course from the list of students. A check is made to ensure that the maximum number of participants is not exceeded.



Serial change of status

In the course lists you also have the option of a serial change of the marked courses via the function <Change status>.