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WebUntis supports the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).


LDAP principle


1.Authentication of user name and password against an LDAP system.

2.When a user provides valid authentication, WebUntis checks whether this user already exists in WebUntis. If so, the user can work in WebUntis as if he/she had specifically logged into a user account in WebUntis.

3.If the user does not yet exist in WebUntis, WebUntis will automatically create an account for the user. In the process, WebUntis will first try to determine whether the user is a teacher or a student and then who the person is. This identification process is important since the user needs to be assigned to the correct user group in order to be assigned to the appropriate timetable element (teacher or student). The password generated has a random value meaning that the user can only log in via LDAP and not directly via WebUntis.