Free rooms

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After launching the search a list will be displayed with the rooms that are free at the defined times and the dates. The selection criteria will be shown once more above the list.





Select a room and click on <Next>. You can now select additional parameters for the booking such as class or subject.





Clicking on <Book> concluded the booking It will appear in the booking list and in the corresponding timetables.





WebUntis Agenda will normally show only rooms which are free at the selected time. However, the periodicity search might show a room occupied at certain times but not at others.


The field <Maximum allocation> in the advanced search mask allows you to specify in percent on how many days a room may be occupied and still be displayed in the search results. This makes sense e.g. when it was not possible using an initial search to find a suitable room free at all times.


You can thus display rooms that are not available at all desired times and select a different room for each individual occasion.