Messages of the day

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The messages of the day serve to display general messages to WebUntis users. It is displayed in the main windows after users log in.


The messages of the day can either be entered directly in WebUntis or can be transferred from Untis when they have been entered as a daily text in cover planning.


You can create this type of message via <Administration> | <Messages of the day> by clicking on <New> or administer them by clicking on the <Edit> button.





When creating or editing the message you can enter both a subject line as well as the actual message. Furthermore you can confine their display to user groups and departments.


You can select individually for each message of the day where it should be shown (Display range). The options 'Monitor: Ticker' and 'Monitor: Header' refer to the substitution lists .





Time range

Specify here when you wish the message to be displayed.



If more than one message has been created for a day, you can use this option to determine the order of the messages.



You can specify here that a message should be public. In basic setting you can choose whether students are allowed to see all messages or only those marked as public.


Show expanded

This option will display both the subject line and the message. Otherwise the message will only be displayed when the user clicks on the subject.



For 'Messages of the day' originating in cover planning of Untis you can choose where they should be displayed. Just go to <Administration> | <Settings>.