Enter grades

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Assessing participation


If you, for instance, want to participate individual students during a lesson you just need to access the class register and click on the button <Enter grades>.





The window for entering grades opens up.





In this window you can define the type of examination, the grading scheme and the grade per student. Additionally you can write a remark and put down a time regarding this grade entry.



Assessing a test


Generally test or any other written exams need to be entered into WebUntis as examinations.




Vie <Details of the period> (just click on the respective period in the timetable) and the button <Edit examination> you get to the derails of an exam.





Here you can up-date the following information: Name of the exam, text, the responsible teacher, date of return, the responsible teacher for the returns and the grading scheme.


The button <Enter grade> opens the list of participants.




You can enter here the individual grades per student (you can also add a remark, if necessary) and save it.


After saving go to the button <Grades statistics> which gives you access to a statistics of grade plus a calculation of the average grades.