Maintenance functions

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The <Administration> menu contains several WebUntis maintenance functions.


Active users

This function displays a list of users currently logged in to the system. This is particularly useful when you wish to ensure that all users have actually logged out before you perform maintenance work on the system.



You can use the function <Backup> in the <Administration> menu of the navigation menu to archive all contents of the underlying database. The backup process will provide you with all WebUntis data in a zip file. You can in principle use these data to recreate the entire WebUntis data set.



Warning: Backup

Gruber & Petters only perform backups for the operational area. We therefore recommend that you create and archive your own backups.



Lock/unlock access

Access to the system should be locked while timetable data is being imported from Untis or during similar significant maintenance work.

'Normal' users (without administrator rights) can no longer log in to the system when access to the system is locked. Please note that users already logged into the system will not be automatically logged out when access is locked. You should therefore use function <Active users> to check that no other users are working in WebUntis before you lock the system.


About WebUntis

This function provides information on the WebUntis version in use.

You can also clear the cache and the prim ID here. You also see the dates of the last imports from Untis (master data, lessons, substitutions), available SMS (text messages) (if activated) or activated modules.