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Basic room information is generally imported with the timetable data from Untis.


You can set a room to be inactive if, for example, it is no longer available and therefore should no longer be displayed in selection lists, but you wish to retain past booking data. To do this uncheck 'active'.





Additional attributes can, however, be added to room master data, which can then be used as search criteria. These data include e.g. Department , Building , Room type, Capacity, Area and person responsible.


You can also specify whether the room can be booked or whether it can only be reserved.


Some rooms should not be booked ad hoc. They may need to be set up and cleared before they can be used. The entry 'Book no later than (min. bef. app. time)' allows you to enter how many minutes a room must be booked latest prior to its actual use.



Resources and/or room groups can be assigned to every room using the familiar assignment functions :



One or more resources can be assigned to every room. You will see all the resources assigned to the room in the selection field 'Resource'. The selection list 'All resources' displays all resources of the type of resource set.


Room groups

Rooms can also be assigned to one or several room groups . Booking rights can be restricted for each user group to individual room groups.


You can create room groups under <Master data> | <Room groups> and assign the individual rooms to them. You can also assign individual groups to existing room groups under <Master data> | <Rooms>.