Room list

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If you are flexible with regard to date when making a booking, the easiest method is to book rooms using the room list (<Book> | <Room list>).

First select one, several (using <CTRL>+Click) or all rooms (with the button of that name). You can filter the display of rooms by department, building, room group or and/or resource type using the options on the right of the window.






Warning: Click on apply

Please click on the <Apply> button to ensure that your selection criteria are effective.


Advanced search


By default the room list displays a complete week. It may be desirable to limit the range displayed. You can use the <Advanced search> button to define a filter in order to display individual days or times.





After making the desired settings, you will see a an overview of rooms indicating their allocation for the current week or for the selected time range. Normal lessons, reservations,bookingsand rejected bookings are displayed in different colours.



Note: Navigating with the calendar

You can change the week displayed using the calendar in the navigation menu. The start and end dates of the selected week are displayed in the header.





Clicking on an occupied period will display the details for that period. Rooms which you are not allowed to book (due to missing rights assigned by the administrator) are marked completely grey.




Clicking on a free period shows a window in which you can book the room in question. Besides the start time and duration of the booking, you can also enter additional details for the booking, such as the teacher in charge, remarks or type of booking (e.g. lesson, office hour, stand-by).





Please note that when classes are displayed, elements involved in lessons at the time in question will be displayed on a red background. The booking can also be confirmed immediately if you have the appropriate rights. The <Book> button is used to complete the booking. The input window closes automatically and the room list is updated.