Reservations / bookings

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Reservations / bookingsWebUntis Agenda provides two different ways of making room bookings:





There is a separate line for each of these types of bookings in user rights.





A reservation is understood to be a temporary booking that still needs to be confirmed. This is intended for users who do not have the right to make final bookings. The procedure for making a reservation is exactly the same as for making a booking .




Warning: Reservations – bookings

Please note that a room can be reserved by different users at the same time but it can only be booked once. A user who only has the 'Book' right cannot make reservations, only bookings.


The example below shows the room '1S 01 PC' reserved on 6 September. The icon in the 'Status' column indicate a reservation.





Two users reserving a room or resource at the same time will result in a conflict, which is best resolved using the worklist .



Restriction to room group


The right to reserve rooms as well as the right to book rooms can be restricted to individual room groups.