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New resources are created under menu item <Master Data> | <Resources>.





The type describes the resource type of the resource. Assignment is effected from a selection field and is optional. You can also choose to enter an inventory number and a person in charge of the resource. You can make a fixed room assignment for the resource in the 'Resource of room' field. Furthermore, resources can be assigned to specific departments or buildings .


A resource can also be assigned to one or more resource groups . You can restrict a user group to specific resource groups when booking resources.


As of WebUntis 2015 you can filter user groups and departments in the field <Person in charge>.


Importing resource types and resources


Resource types and resources can be imported from text files. The procedure is very similar to the one used to import student master data .



For the import field 'Booking possible' and 'Reservations only' please enter '1' for yes and '0' for no.