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Short names

The (short) names of elements are used to synchronise data between Untis and WebUntis. For this reason they should not be changed after the school year commences. Should it be necessary to change a short name, though, then you must do this in both Untis and WebUntis to ensure that the element in question has the same (short) name in both systems.


Time grid

Please note that you may not modify the Untis time grid in the course of a school year.


School year data

WebUntis takes the information about the start and end of the school year from Untis data. This information is transferred with the initial data import for the school year in question.


Please note that from this point in time school year data in Untis and in WebUntis must be identical. This means that you may not make any arbitrary change to the school year in Untis.