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You will find a list of students in student master data. The class register administrator is responsible for the actual 'maintenance' of this data, i.e. entering details (e.g. starting and leaving dates).


Under <Master data> | <Students> you can also launch student import and the import of student photos .


Additionally it is possible to generate reports on the students via the selection box <Reports>. You can download information on name, date of entry and exit date, address or telephone numberof the students of a respective class as PDF, CSV or Excel table.



The edit window of the individual student looks the following:





Exit date


If a student leaves the school you can set a date here to mark that this person will no longer attend your school from this date on.



Note: An exit date can also be set for temporary absence.

If a student attends, e.g. a partner school in another country for some months, then you can set an exit date here. When he or she returns, you just delete this date. Thus no absences occur during his or her time of inactivity.



Medical certificate required

If you activate this checkbox then a stethoscope icon will be shown next to the student's name in the class register. When you click on the blue 'i' for information, you will see the date on which the medical certificate is required. While you are entering and editing the absence of a student you can also set a date when the medical certificate is required.


Change class




Here you can make a change of class for a student. Set a start date for the new class and then select the necessary student groups in the following step.



Note: Overwriting class affiliation

If you want to overwrite the class affiliation in the aforementioned example, e.g. 1b with 1c, just use the drop down list, select 1c and change the class of this student by setting a start date.









By clicking the <Address> button you can enter contact details of the student such as e-mail address, telephone number and street. You can also add information on parents, legal guardians, persons entitled to receive information or companies by clicking on the <New address> tab.