Student groups

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All students of a class participate in many lessons together. There are lessons, however, in which only part of a class or parts of various classes participate.



Warning: All students in a class

If all the students in the class participate in the same lessons, it is not necessary to create student groups.


WebUntis must now be informed of which students take which lessons with which teachers in order for the timetables to be output correctly for each individual student and for the class register to be used properly.


This assignment is effected via student groups for these split lessons. The basic principle of student groups is as follows:


A unique student group is assigned to each lesson in which not all students of a class participate. For example, student group Boys_PE_5A is assigned to the PE lesson for the boys in class 5A.


Individual students are then assigned to this student group, for example all male students in class 5A.


A student group can only be assigned to a single lesson.


There are one or two tasks involved in this: creating the student group and assigning studentsto the student group.




Note: Student groups in Untis

These student groups should already have been entered in Untisby the timetable scheduler.