Student groups in Untis

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Student groupsmust already be defined in Untis. This has the following advantages in WebUntis:


Lessons can be combined .

Team teaching can be recorded correctly .

Austrian state schools can import student numbers into Untis .


Entering student groups in Untis


Student groups required in WebUntis need to be created in Untis first. It is the responsibility of the timetable scheduler to create these student groups in Untis.


You will find the 'Student group' field in Untis lessons windows. You can enter a suitable group name in this field when dividing students into groups.



Warning: Distinct user group

The names of student groups must be unique throughout the school. You cannot enter the student group name 'Group 1' for English and French lessons even though the same students assigned to both of them.






Note: Automatic student group name

Entering a '?' in the 'Student group' field causes Untis to assign a unique student group name of its own. This consists of a combination of the classes involved and the subject. If you enter, however, in the field 'Student group' a '$', Untis assigns a student group name made of the combination of subject, class and teacher. The third possibility is to enter '%'; This generates a name made of the combination subject, class and room. You also can add '#' in order to initiate numbering in a serial change.




Entering student groups


Enter in every lesson which is held for a part of the students of the respective classes a studen group name. This has the advantage that teachers see immediately where groups are split up when they access their lessons. They only have to choose the participating students.


When the data is transferred to WebUntis, the student groups used in Untis will be imported along with the other data. Individual students must then still be assigned to these student groups in WebUntis.







Note: WebUntis rights for assigning students to student groups

Teachers need to have the right 'Student assignment' in order to be able to assigne students to student groups.