Timetable settings

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Use menu item <Administration> | <Timetable settings> to decide whether you wish to make timetables publicly accessible (without a password), whether an element list should assist timetable selection and whether the timetable display time period should be restricted.


Public timetables


Activating the 'public' field allows the timetable to be displayed in WebUntis without login being necessary. This makes sense, for example, when you wish to make the latest changes available to students and parents without having to create users for them. Please note that only those timetable formats can be displayed for which the option 'Available for public access' has been checked.





You can also set whether details about the lesson in question should be displayed in 'public' timetables or not.


Element list on timetable page


The element list on the timetable page and 'Display' allow you to set whether and how quick links should be displayed above the timetables. The setting in the 'Display' column also applies for the element selection fields.






Restricting to specified time periods


Timetable display can be restricted to specified periods of time:





These settings are used to prevent teachers or students accessing timetables for periods of time that are not yet completely scheduled.